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:at the source



i am here

to make the invisible visible.
to experience what cannot be described.
to dance the unmistakable sounds of our existence,

our most hidden treasures to the light;

accompanied by joy, love, sweat and tears -

everything may be - until all particles dance together.
this is my invitation to You.

jumping off the edge of everything You know
and land somewhere, completely new.

no matter how sophisticated or "messed up" You think You are:
You are here to be loved and to love –

the dance of freedom and connection

You are not alone.
we are together in this.

sound, silence & dancing save(d) my life over and over again.

life, love, death, curiosity
are the most important teachers for me.

i am passing on my medicine through sonic experiences, movement & stillness in choosen contexts
with groups,  1:1 somatic mentoring sessions & on dance floors as dj, soulmanaut & creative mentor.

come with me on a journey beyond.


and here a bit more down to earth:

the deep desire to connect with nature in the middle

of the city and to navigate my energy and wildness

that was not appropriate for a sweet, blond girl, challenged me from early on.
this lead me to the exploration of quite some edges
and a multitude of fields.


music, moving & dancing saved my life over and over again

 – and still does.

when living, studying & then working as an actor in zurich, new york and berlin, music, dance, movement practices & yoga became more and more essential to me.

diving deeper into these fields, when i moved back to switzerland in 2009, i founded and curated various spaces, bringing together movement, art, spirituality, healing and community.
currently i offer embodiment, yoga- & movement- explorations, (sonic:union), conscious dance floors (sonic:sanctuary), womens alchemy & circles, as well as „the full circle“ a curriculum weaving together dance somatics, polarity & shadow work as well as ritual & collective mentorship.

after my graduation at PHDJ, tasha blank’s embodied leadership & dj school, sonic:sanctuary, an ancient modern dance ritual, was born during art basel 2023.

playing with a wealth of impulses, surprises & inspirations
sourced in the here and now as well as in old mystery schools, gives me the gift of amazement, discovery and going deep - and last but not least the love of the here and now as it is - and ourselves, as we are – part of the big mystery, entailing endless possibilities to unfold.

i am a certified embodied flow facilitator, YA (E-500),

somatic movement therapist, 1:1 creative coach,

actor & dj. & create & curate events & experiences.

i love to co-create and cross-pollinate with other human beings & to pass on my medicine all over the planet.


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