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"physically it all felt very heavy and weak, having no muscle strength. no lightness and  i regularly felt short of breath, feeling that i could not make anything happen in the outer world.

my main issues were: self-esteem problems, difficulties in detaching myself from my family of origin, insecurity and demarcation difficulties as a mother towards my daughter.

i felt invisible. and always looked for the fault in myself and my deficits. 

i read countless books about mental disorders and found myself in all of them. i acquired a lot of knowledge, but nothing fundamentally changed in my state of mind and well-being.
i  had some reservations about bodywork. but through my trust in you this approach became possible for me.
i realized that the body cannot lie. 
my thoughts are not free, but trained and shaped. my body, however, it is completely unbiased.

i have developed more connection and love for my body. I am more aware of my body and my breath. I have developed a deeper trust in my body - for all its weaknesses and limitations, I also feel my body is strong, wise and healthy. I have gained more self-confidence in that respect. I feel more lightness in my body and much less tiredness and lack of strength.

my self-esteem is slowly improving. i have developed more understanding for myself and the contexts in which i stood and stand, also structurally, socially, not only individually.
i am beginning to team up more with others to make a difference together.

I have been able to distance myself from my family of origin in a new way and to a new extent for me.

i am also gradually gaining ground in my role as mother to my daughter. I’ve experienced a big transformation in my relationship with my husband, feel more confident in expressing myself and trusting my intuition with him. 

i definitely no longer constantly feel like I am mentally ill and severely damaged and deficient. 
instead I feel that I am very strong and creative."

really EVERY time I felt much better after the sessions, regardless of whether i had previously addressed what was hurting me, or what part of my body was tense, for example.
so we always did exactly the right thing and you always said exactly the right thing. Your words reached me and the sessions resonated and resonated with me for a long time. 

i understood our cooperation as a gift and a happy coincidence. moreover, You did not put a label on me that I was this or that and did not try to bind me with it.

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