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1:1 creative mentoring



1:1 creative mentorship

in this 1:1 setting You are invited to the unique rhythm of You.

to re:connect with Your body/mind, Your soul, Your innate wisdom.

and welcome & integrate all the parts of You.

You will find out what blocks You and discover the unique value the hidden parts behind these portals carry for You & that they actually contain Your greatest strengh and talents.

on all levels You will develop more freedom, Self-love and ease in Your life.

definition of momentum:

the force that keeps an object moving once you initiate it, it keeps going under its own momentum the quality that keeps an event developing or making progress after it has started.

our body is the direct connection to nature and source. 

she / he always knows the truth.

for many of us this means we need to relearn the unique language of our body to understand the innate wisdom of our physical manifestation as a gateway to our soul and spirit.

we will use a variety of tools as embodiment, movement, talk, touch, breath, writing, voice…




what clients say about the expereince of 1:1  sessions


for me, the refuge of the individual sessions is about engaging and trusting. engaging with myself, with themes and processes that reveal themselves, with a cornucopia of different techniques of body and energy work. and to trust that no matter what may appear, i will always be well accompanied, accepted, supported and taken care of.


sonic:momentum is for


the curious ones who want to explore the very nature of life & themselves.

humans who feel stuck & want to unlock their creative potential.

thoose who feel the urge to re:connect with their inner voice and purpose.

the tired cretar*ixes in need of being held in their gentleness.

the lonely wolves who are sick of managing everthing on their own.

the ones who want to rediscover their inner freedom & wildness.

the hypersensitive who are looking for ways to be in the world.

the artistic soul who does not want to go to therapy – or has been to.

creators & creatrixes and those who want to become.

the courageous ones who desire a place to recharge their batteries.

pioneers who want to step forward and make an impact in the world.


& maybe for You as well.

please get in touch to schedule a call or book a session with me.

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