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yoga of another kind



yoga of another kind -

re:connect body, mind & soul



yoga means union.

our body is the direct connection with nature and source. 

she / he always knows the truth.

for many of us this means we need to relearn the unique language of our body to understand the innate wisdom of our physical manifestation as a gateway to our soul and spirit.

through the nature of movement & stillness, sound & silence

we connect & explore a multitude of dimensions of our existence –

free & guided movement, meditation & yoga asana sequences interweave to

the unique  experience of You and the world.

everything is born from vibration.


everything is possible

subtle, deep, wild, free ...

our body always tells us the truth. 

there is no right or wrong.


here You have space and time to get to know the spectrum of Your existence anew – to dare new things, surprise Yourself and be surprised. and align with the very nature & essence of You and the whole.


all of You is welcome.


to get into a state of flow & freedom.

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